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Torch Song

Torch Song By Daniel Ballard Whether using a Torch or Electricity to melt your precious metal, you need to know the pros and cons of your melting method. Gases used in melting precious metals run the gamut of flammable compounds. Many are derived from the...

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Jewelers and Self Defense

Jewelers and Self Defense By Daniel Ballard Sept 2002 We enjoy the benefits of a luxury, glamour oriented business. Jewelry is fun to shop and wear. In a jewelry store basically everyone wants to be there. This makes for a great work environment. Especially when...

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How to Prepare for an Inspection

Authors note February 2017 Originally written as an advice column for the trade. Regulations may vary by area, please consult your state and local requirements. Ordinarily, one would be concerned at the arrival of any number of inspectors, from the local Fire...

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The Future Arrived Last Week

The Future Arrived Last Week We are at a potential major turning point inside the fine jewelry showcase. Certain facts have come together in a way to offer a fundamental leap in what fine jewelry can look like. This is due to a consumer driven desire for ever more...

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Highly Trained Alloys

Highly Trained Alloys By Daniel Ballard In jewelry manufacturing, we depend on highly trained and skilled workers. Sales, marketing, through accounting and.arguably more than anywhere else in the shop. Some of the most profitable changes come right from production....

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