Platinum Casting With Docs

Using Docs with an ordinary burnout

Making Casting Easier, Faster for Twenty Years

Note: Casting flask-less is ideal with this type of material

  • Program your oven controller for a ramp rate from 4 degrees per minute to a maximum of 10 degrees per minute. This investment material is very resistant to shock so your ramp up speed can be faster than with gypsum-bonded investment.
  • About 1 hour after investing, put the flask into an oven that is preheated to about 300F (150C), with the wax button facing down.
    Ramp directly up to your top burnout temperature of about 1350F – 1600F, depending material you are burning out.
  • Hold your top temperature for 2 – 4 hours depending on the amount of wax in the flask and the ending top temperature of your flasks. Lower top temps and higher wax content require a longer top temperature dwell times and higher top temperatures and lower wax content require shorter top temperature dwell times.
  • It is always a good idea to flip the flasks over around 1200F in order to allow combustion gases to escape the mold but is not necessary for longer burnouts.

Platinum must be cast relatively cold. From room temperatures up to no higher than 600F. This is a critical step. 

Quenching this material will not cause the investment to break away from your castings. This step is done at the appropriate time to give the maximum benefit to your metal crystal structure. You will then need to break away the investment using a hammer or a high-pressure water blast cabinet.

Casting Temperature table

hese are estimates based on general purpose casting.

Platinum 500-600F
950 Palladium 1000-1150F
Nickel white gold 1000-1150F
Palladium White gold 1000-1150F
Yellow Gold 850-1100F

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