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Docs Plaster

Years ago, Docs was a new investment jointly developed by Marc Robinson and the people at Talladium. The idea was to create a stronger investment that could quickly cast platinum or other high temperature precious metals.  More recently CAD has upended expectations around burnout and casting. Docs’ great strength makes it possible to cast the most difficult resins in one day.

*Winter Weather Update*

To ensure the best quality-At this time our binder may be shipped air rather than ground because a hard freeze can cause problems for casting. As soon as the hard cold season is over we will return to ground shipping for binder and powder. 

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Printed CAD

Resins and prints vary. Docs stands up.

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Platinum Casting

Platinum, palladium, and white gold problem solver.

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Same Day Casting
Vacuum Casting

Deadlines matter. Vacuum or spin cast Docs with any metal same day. Twice if you get up early.

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