Goldsmiths Can Cast Easier than Ever

After a quick visit to the Atlanta Jewelry show, I was struck by a significant change.  The smaller scale equipment that has come out in concert with the CAD/Custom jewelry trend puts simple casting in reach of smaller shops than ever. Smaller generally means more affordable, a faster return on your investment.

You or your goldsmith might already have a workstation for customers to work with you making a design. Smaller capacity 3d printing is very inexpensive compared too a few years ago.

FedEx adds time and costs to castings or mountings if you live in a town too small to have a trade caster at hand.

Induction heating is more affordable than ever. Controllable and often favored by Fire and safety inspectors you can spin or vacuum cast gold and silver easily.

Things are even better for torch casting ‘smiths. Equipment is available, affordable. 

Second-hand gear often works out really well. 

Take a look at this. You can better control your colors of gold, properties of the gold you work on the most. You take out FedEx and Trade casting labor from the equation and spend or scale just for your own needs.

You tree up your own way for the best process for that ring.