Platinum-The Best Market For Jewelers In Years

The one precious metal that has all the following attributes-As white as it gets. High density for a substantial weighty feel for the customer. Can be fabricated, cast, welded, soldered without oxidation, stamped or hand wrought without changing alloys. Everything is...

De-Mystifying Gold Solders

Precious metals have a reputation for secrecy, mystery and alchemy. Some kinds of gold are easy to understand and use. Some you just use, little to no idea of what went in there. Few jewelers understand solders nearly as well as they use them. But better...

Elemental Alloy Mysteries

Elemental Alloy Mysteries Many of us need a better understanding of just exactly what effect different base metal elements have on gold. Each base metal (really elements, found in the periodic table) that goes into making alloy for karating has its own effects. The...

Torch Song

Torch Song By Daniel Ballard Whether using a Torch or Electricity to melt your precious metal, you need to know the pros and cons of your melting method. Gases used in melting precious metals run the gamut of flammable compounds. Many are derived from the...

Working With Palladium White

Working With Palladium White Gold While nickel based white gold is commonly used and very well understood, palladium based white is gaining interest and sales. Some of us sell to the EU or Japan, and some of us have customers sensitive to or about nickel. Palladium...


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